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FF Poster Accidently Debunks ‘Celtic Blow Out Their A**es After 60 Mins’ Myth

It has been a theory throughout this season that Sevco fans have constantly pushed in order to make themselves feel better about Celtic’s relentless, high tempo style. They have constantly said that we can only do this for 60 mins before we tire out and are knackered and virtually, become ineffective.

But today, a bored Sevco fan at work has taken the time to find out that if matches lasted only 80 mins, that Sevco would actually be topping the league table due to the matter of points Celtic get in the last ten minutes plus injury time in games this season.

They are trying anything to try to make themselves feel better at the moment, from mad conspiracy theories to ‘what if’ scenarios.

Take a look at the post below which proves the ‘blow out our backsides after 60 mins’ theory is a load of rubbish.

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  1. Dando

    Every time i see “stats” like this i have a laugh, not a liquidation type laugh just a belly laugh, the late goals Celtic score is absolutely nothing to do with the games lasting 90 min…

    It is all about their attitude towards refusing to get beat, for example if the games lasted 70 min the “stats” would show that Celtic and their will to win would be identical between 60 – 70 min….


  2. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    So the corrupt sfa can expect a letter from sevco Scotland asking for the masons in black can end the sevco games after 80 mins so they can pick up more points.

  3. mixview70

    Wtf is the point of this idiotic stat?
    Somebody, anybody, please tell me this is a spoof!

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