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Celtic Are On The Right Track With Ange Postecoglou

There are now a lot more extreme views I am seeing from some Celtic supporters when it comes to questioning whether Ange Postecoglou is the right man for the job.

And I mean in a bad way. Some fans now calling him a fraud and a liar and saying he isn’t up to the job.

Just a couple of weeks ago all I was seeing and hearing was that he was the best thing since sliced bread and that he could do no wrong, Anyone who dared question a decision he made was shot down in flames.

In my view, as things stand, none of these extreme views one way or the other are healthy, and never were.

From my view, I have backed Ange since he came in the door, I’ve really enjoyed his personality and style of football and I think he is a great credit to our wonderful club. I believe he is the right man to take us forward and have done since the start of the season.

However, this point of view did and does not mean that I do not criticise him or some of his decisions when I feel it is justified to. I have wrote two or three articles like this in the past on this website.

For me, it is important to back the manager, but not be so delusional to think that he is incapable or getting it wrong from time to time. Because that way of thinking does no good for anyone.

I do hope that now there are a lot more negative views coming out about the manager from some supporters, that we can now find a general middle ground, where the large majority of fans back the manager and can see the good work he has done so far this season, and that we support him, but give constructive criticism when it is due, just like we do to the players and the team in general, without supporters turning on each other.

So far this season domestically it has been a success. One trophy out of one available in the bag so far and top of the league and still in the Scottish Cup. I don’t think at this moment in time anyone can truthfully argue otherwise.

If we look at it in black and white, Europe has been a failure. But if we look at individual results and performances we can see chinks of light. Two wins over Ferancvaros home and away and beating Real Betis at home with a mostly second string side was fantastic. The performance away to Betis, and even away to Leverkusen, overall were ones to be proud of for me, at least in terms of our attacking threat and the fight we showed in both games. Beaten by two very good teams on the night, I can deal with that.

We were very unlucky not to qualify from the group with nine points. Teams go through on less all the time, so we were very unfortunate in that regard.

The Champions League qualifiers were disappointing, but Ange was just in the door and the team just wasn’t ready yet. But this Conference League tie was the sore one for many, including myself.

Because I know we are much, much better than what we showed over both legs. Yes, Bodo are a very good team, but we made them look far better than they were.

Tactically, Ange got it wrong in both legs which was also disappointing. To play Rogic and O’Riley again in the centre of midfield the first time was a mistake in hindsight, as they hadn’t started together before and none of us knew it would turn out that badly, but to then start both away from home in the second leg, was criminal.

Ange’s comments about the team he picked for the second leg are also troubling people, and I can understand why.

I am also for squad rotation, as in changing 1-2 players each game to keep players fresh and for tactical reasons, but Ange basically went with a second string side after saying he will do all he can to win every game, and many felt the tie was still alive and we should have gone with a much stronger team, while others were fine that he had one eye on the Hibs game at the weekend.

But in saying that he went with a second string side against Betis and we won, so maybe Ange genuinely felt that would be the best option. For some hungry players to come in and show the manager they deserve to be regulars.. We can only take his word for it.

Ultimately, unless we utterly collapse in the league, which I can’t see happening, Ange will be judged at the end of the season when we see how many trophies we have, and most importantly if he wins the league or not.

I am confident we will win this league. And I am even more confident that Ange is the right man to take this club forward in the next few years.

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