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Sevco Fan Breaks Rank, Asks Where Patterson Money Has Gone Live On Air!

It has taken Sevco fans just under two months since I wrote this article When will Sevco fans start asking where the Patterson money has gone? – Champions 67 to finally start asking the 12 million dollar question themselves. ‘Where the hell has the Patterson money gone?’

David from Pollock phoned up Clyde SSB on Friday night and sounded furious over a number of points where he feels his club have gone wrong this season.

After berating Gio and his dismal league record, he turned his attention to Sevco’s Head of Recruitment Ross Wilson.

“Where is the money for Patterson!?”

“£12m plus £4m in add ons, that’s what he said he got for Rangers, and I don’t believe that for a minute.”

“Why couldn’t we pay the money for Souttar? Or could we not bring in another centre forward, rather than three midfield players?”

David then went on to talk about the loan signing of Aaron Ramsey, saying:

“To me this is a cover up, big time!”

“I’ll ask again, nobody is answering me! Where is the supposed £12m that Rangers got for Patterson!?”

“At the AGM, Ross Wilson turned round and stated that Rangers did not need to sell players, and if they did, the money would go back into the team.”

“They couldn’t even afford £450k for Souttar!”

After two months of me writing about this exact same thing, it seems like the penny is finally beginning to drop with some of them.

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  1. Nick66

    Let’s be fair here Ross never said f’all. Sevco said Diddley squat, the preferred partners said undisclosed, the papers said mega millions and David from Pollock opines. Luvly bubbly.

  2. Dando

    “Club record undisclosed transfer fee”



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