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Video: Listen As Deluded Sevco Nut Stefan Gets Put In His Place On Clyde SSB

Clyde Superscoreboard seemed to turn into the Follow Follow football phone in last night as one delusional Sevco fan after the other came on to howl at the moon and list a number of conspiracies and decisions that have seemingly gone against their club and benefited Celtic.

Stefan was no different as he first came out with the falsehood that Aberdeen always lie down to Celtic, which I debunked in this article here: The Myth That Aberdeen Don’t Try Against Celtic – Champions 67

He then went on to complain about the winter break being brought in early to help Celtic and then started harking back to 2012 and how they have been victimised ever since.

You can listen to the exchange in the audio video below.

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  1. John mcghee

    Hugh Keevins as always fans are looking daft is that right keevins then how do you look especially in 2012 when you said ranjurs football club died in 8mins and everything goes history the lot but a year later you change ur mind because some 5way agreement was made up to try and save a club that left debts of 165million but the newco claim oldco history but bin the debts hugh just tell the truth yous in the media were all told to say this and that our ur jobs were on the line our it was the bully boys from liebrox that threating yous all now dont forget it was only Doncaster that said its the same club and yous all follow follow him so you look pure stupit keevins honest ur time will come old yin..hahs

  2. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    To many people in the Scottish sports media are happy to spout the continuation lie if this is the same club why were rangers allowed to vot for a newco rangers to try and join the Premier league. Al the Scottish press had rangers died on their front covers in 2012 but have all got amnesia that it never happened and nobody said that a newco was formed. And it’s disgusting that celtic fc are happy for newco fans to spout rubbish about the O.. F… while telling the support that they’re aren’t part of anything.

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