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Video: Listen To Delusional Sevco Fan Jim Rant About Celtic On Clyde SSB

Sevco fans are breaking.

Every single Celtic game they watch intently to find a fault in every goal we score that apparently somehow shouldn’t have counted.

They don’t like to mention decisions that go in their favour, like the numerous red cards they should have had that haven’t been given and haven’t even looked at retrospectively either, or mention goals they’ve scored from their players diving for penalties or that have been offside.

No, they only concentrate on every single decision that goes Celtic’s way, and according to them is all part of a wider conspiracy to help us win the league.

Obviously the refs and SFA/SPFL completely forgot to help us last season when Sevco romped the league by 25 points.

It’s only now that we are clearly the best team in the league again that we also need extra help to win games.

Because that makes total sense…

Listen to deluded Sevco fan Jim rant on Clyde SSB about their favourite team to talk about. Celtic.

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  1. Nick66

    And what about the third goal. Celtic were the best I watched in the last few games. Corner aside the Tommy Rogic handball was not within the handball rules. But let’s be objective here, Corner not a corner,agreed. We would still have scored at least 2. Anyway I’m happy cause I got 3points on the Celtic Noise Supperbru league.

  2. Nick66

    PS, Always love Tam sellic son and his brilliant take on the Sevco angst as they realise that the team they Follow Follow are trash.

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