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Ange Handled The Scott Brown Question The Way He Always Does. Exceptionally.

I never tire of hearing this man speak.

He is always very insightful of course, but it isn’t just that, it is the sheer skill he has in answering very difficult questions with absolute ease.

Without a doubt the Scott Brown question is a difficult one. Considering his legendary status at the club. But you also have to take in to account the position we are currently in. Top of the league by three points with only 8 games left to go, and Scott Brown now having left Aberdeen and looking for a coaching role elsewhere.

If he comes back to Celtic and is involved with the first team until the end of the season there are two ways of looking at it.

It could be a great positive, having a player who captained us to so many league title wins, his experience, know-how, and his motivational skills could be hugely important, especially to the newer bhoys who don’t yet know what it takes.

But the other way of looking at it is you don’t want to rock the boat. What we’ve done coaching wise this season and who we have had coaching the first team has got us top of the league with just eight games remaining, if it’s not broke don’t fix it as they say. Would Brown coming back in and working with the first teams be a distraction? Is he even a good coach? His final season with us was terrible and he has gone to Aberdeen and in turn they have been terrible. Is he actually good enough to be a coach at Celtic?

Here is what Ange said earlier today:

“From my perspective, I don’t think anyone should be in any doubt that there will always be an open door here for Scott Brown.”

“The guy is one of the legends of this football club who will o down as one of it’s greatest ever.”

“In terms of what he wants to do with his future, I think he’s best placed to answer that. You know, he’s obviously made a decision right now, and then, after that it’s kind of up to him to chart his course.”

From my perspective, he’s a guy who I’ve admired from afar, but after having been here now for the last 8/9 months and hearing about him and the kind of person he was as much as a footballer, as I said he’s left a massive legacy here at the football club, and from that perspective, , whatever he does in the future, I’m sure there will always be a welcome place for him here.”

It was just a perfect answer.

In my opinion, if I was to guess, Ange wouldn’t want to bring him in before the end of this season, if at all, and I don’t think there is a place for him coaching wise to work with the first team currently. But the way he answered it by paying massive respect to Brown, and saying there would always be an opening here, but not divulging what type or role that would be, not committing to anything, and basically saying the press would need to ask Brown his plans and what he’s looking to do, was just perfect.

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