You are currently viewing Video: Watch Sevco Captain Tavernier Dive For Penalty Against Dundee

Video: Watch Sevco Captain Tavernier Dive For Penalty Against Dundee

After Ryan Kent’s dive midweek to win a penalty against Red Star, I was actually thinking that this must be something the Sevco players practice in training in order to con the ref.

But after seeing this latest piece of theatre from Sevco captain James Tavernier, it seems as though as long as they are playing in Scotland, they don’t even have to make it look like it should be a penalty, they can just fall over and throw their hands in the air and Scottish officials will only be too happy to give them a penalty.

I was actually stunned when I watch this. You will see from the video Tavernier loses the ball by running into a group of Dundee players, so decides to fall back and scream for a penalty, and instead of laughing in his face and booking him for simulation like he should have done, referee Steven McLean awarded Sevco the penalty.

If their cheating wasn’t so despicable you’d laugh.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Would be laughable but it’s just expected now I hope Dundee write a letter of complaint to the corrupt sfa regarding the cheating referee that is all of them you can’t pick 1 that won’t cheat to help their favourite newco, Scottish football is well and truly fucked no wonder other countries don’t rate it.

  2. Charles

    That is the 7th penalty they have been given in all competitions since games resumed after winter break. 15 games – 7 penalties. Unbelievable

  3. Allaboutceltic

    TBH, I switched off after McLean awarded a free kick in the box after judging a mis-kick from 40 yards was a pass back. It was obvious from then that only 1 winner would be allowed. My ears didn’t have to suffer the repertoire of hate spewing out from the racist scum.

  4. Hibbee

    I’d rather go to my bed with a defeat rather than go to my bed tainted by the stench of cheating. Sevco, a club synonymous with cheating, low morals, and the unarguable fact that it’s only their Masonic roots that keep them in the top 3. If only they would crawl off and wither quietly in a corner while decent folk in decent clubs get a chance to play in our league.

  5. John mcghee

    Ive watch it for 55 years now so i guess other clubs just except the cheating officials giving the new ranjurs everything especially in the box oldco ranjurs were the same always a honest mistakes to make sure the biggest cheats in Scottish football oldco and newco get 3 points to make them look good our football is finished and im really surprised at the cowards on the celtic board say fuck all i wish wee Fergus McCann was here because the weeman wouldn’t take the cheating from the biased refs and masonic scum at hampden.ease celtic grow a pair baws and fight for the celtic fans our get tae fuck out of paradise p.lawwell and the rest of the cowards..RATS

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