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Hugh Keevins Assertion On Maeda Is Ridiculous

After the Celtic line up was announced tonight, Hugh Keevins speaking on Clyde SSB, labelled Ange Postecoglou starting Daizen Maeda on the left wing as ‘a risk’.

Now, there is debate about Maeda’s best position. He has mostly played as a striker for us but has played on the left on a couple of occasions and performed fairly well, and he mostly played on the left while in Japan where he was able to make runs and dribbles into the box from out wide and scored a lot of goals that way.

He is absolutely capable of playing out wide and for all we know it may actually be his best position, he’ll need to play there more often for us to determine that.

For Keevins to claim it is ‘a risk’ is nothing short of absurd. To claim it is ‘a risk’, by definition, would mean doing so would pose us some sort of danger.

Ange isn’t starting him at centre half alongside Carter-Vickers for God’s sake!

I’d love to see Maeda have a great game tonight and shove Hugh’s words back down his throat.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Seems like Kevin’s has a problem with our Japanese boys never seems to have a good word to say about any of them. I think it’s annoying him that Ange has turned this team into winners.

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