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Barry Ferguson On Tavernier Dive: “Very, Very Soft Penalty”

You know it’s a bad refereeing decision when even Sevco lover Barry Ferguson basically admits that it shouldn’t have been awarded.

When asked about the penalty earlier today on GO Radio, Ferguson replied:

“It was very soft, I’ve got to be honest with you.”

“In terms of the Dundee player, he does move towards Tavernier, but, if I’m being brutally honest, it was a very, very soft penalty”

So Sevco are being awarded penalties for opposition players ‘moving towards them’ in the box now? Absolutely laughable.

As I said about the Tavernier dive in a previous article, it’s the fact that the Sevco players aren’t even trying hard to con the ref like they do in Europe, with the likes of Kent sticking out his leg into the opposition defender to make it look more like a foul, in Scotland, they are simply just falling over and asking for a penalty and it’s being given.

The refereeing in this country is nothing short of a disgrace, highlighted by John Beaton’s horrific performance last night.

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