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If Ben Doak Wants To Be The Next Danny Wilson, Then More Fool Him

Remember Danny Wilson?

He was once the next big thing, He was apparently going to go on and become a legendary Scottish centre back, one of the best talents that our country has produced.

And perhaps he would have been? Who knows the heights he would have reached, if he didn’t chase the money and glamour of the English Premier League at such a young age and end up wasting three vital years at Liverpool not playing football and then being loaned about Championship teams and not playing for them either.

Wilson eventually ended up back in Scottish football having only made 2 appearances in three years for Liverpool as he joined Hearts and then moved to Sevco when they were playing in the lower leagues. He now plays for Colorado Rapids in the MLS.

He only ever played 5 times for Scotland, mostly friendlies.

I have heard talk that Doak would be wanting to go to Liverpool as they have a better academy.

He’s starting to break through to Celtic’s first team so he’d be happy to go back to playing u17 football? I doubt it.

What’s most likely to happen is he gets promised progression into the first team, he isn’t ready so gets loaned about the lower divisions of England and his career falls apart.

He won’t be getting coached by the top guys at Liverpool like Klopp and whoever else is there, he will be at league 1 teams and expected to perform and given no proper coaching to develop. That’s exactly what happened with Wilson. Instead of continuing his development with Rangers where he was making good progress and playing well, he chased the bright lights far too soon and killed what should have been an excellent career and turned it into a very mediocre one in comparison to what he was expected to achieve.

Doak needs to think very carefully about this. If he believes he will be good enough to play for a team like Liverpool, then that will come down the line when the time is right. And that time is certainly not now.

Celtic, under Ange Postecoglou, is the best place for Doak to develop over these next few years.

Hopefully, for his sake at least, he realises that.

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