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As Club 1872 Pile On Pressure Over Sydney Cup, Will Sevco Board Finally Reveal Truth About Dire Financial Situation?

Both the majority of Celtic and Sevco fans have been totally against the idea of their clubs competing in a ‘friendly’ game against each other over in Australia for the Sydney Super Cup, ever since the news broke that this was set to take place this November.

However, since more details have emerged, from what I have seen, the opinion from Celtic fans has softened on this for two reasons.

Firstly, we are strongly rumoured to be getting a lot more money than Sevco due to taking home a large chunk of the revenue generated from ticket sales, with Sevco getting nothing from that, with both clubs getting them same $5m participation fee.

Secondly, the sheer rage from Sevco fans that they are basically going to be going over to Australia to play 2nd fiddle to us for Big Ange’s homecoming party, has also helped to lighten the spirits of Celtic supporters who weren’t happy about this going ahead originally.

Now, earlier today, Club 1872 released a statement, asking for their club to pull out of the tournament, and they vented their anger that they have not received any response from Stewart Robertson.

We’ve already seen their fans display disgusting banners at their stadium to protest against their participation in the tournament, and now Club 1872 are putting public pressure on Sevco to pull out of the tournament.

If this pressure continues, or more likely builds even more, the Sevco board may actually be forced to come out and explain that they desperately need the participation money for taking part in the tournament, and that pulling out is just not an option for them.

Of course, their board has continued to lie to them about soon being able to be a profit making company, while at the same time posting loses of £23.5m and continuing to rely on soft loans from shareholders to keep the lights on and pay wages.

They claim to have just sold Nathan Patterson for £12m with an extra £4m to come in add ons, yet that money is nowhere to be seen, with share issues needed to raise £1.25 just a few months ago and not being able to afford £500,000 to get John Souttar in from Hearts in January.

Another thing is, if they pull out, Celtic are still going to be there, it is being billed by them as Ange’s homecoming after all, so we would go there, take home $10-11m, and they would get nothing, leaving an even bigger financial gap between the sides, and especially if we qualify for the Champions League and they don’t.

The Sevco board have taken the decision that they simply cannot turn down that type of money for participating in two games overseas.

And finally, it may even be a possibility that Sevco have received part, if not all of that guaranteed payment, up front already. I don’t have any idea if that would be normal or even possible for these types of tournaments, but in Sevco’s current financial position, where they constantly need to raise funds to see out the season, I think it’s a certainty that they have attempted to be paid at least the majority of that guaranteed money up front.

And if they have, chances are they’ve already spent it.

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