You are currently viewing Delusional FF Thread Claims Beaton Cheated To Help Celtic And Is A Celtic Fan!!

Delusional FF Thread Claims Beaton Cheated To Help Celtic And Is A Celtic Fan!!

Just when you thought those loonballs could not get any more delusional, they take it to a whole new level of crazy.

I haven’t actually had a look on there in a good while, but was curious to see their take on Beaton’s performance in our match, where he clearly ignored the rules to chop of Maeda’s goal, as many others have said, either because he doesn’t know the rules, or because he wanted to do Celtic out of a goal. Only Beaton himself knows what his true intention was.

I thought it would be impossible, even for them, to somehow turn it around and make out Beaton was somehow pro Celtic in this game.

But they proved me wrong!

Incredibly, according to this FF thread on Beaton, he was apparently not only right to disallow the goal, he also deliberately cheated to help Celtic as he is intimidated by us and according to some a Celtic fan!

This is the guy who went to a Rangers pub to celebrate the night he helped Sevco beat Celtic with a horrifically biased refereeing performance in favour of the Ibrox club. Sevco fans since celebrated the referee with red white and blue flags bearing his name at Ibrox. But apparently now he is a Celtic fan!

Not only that, apparently he also cheated by not awarding Dundee Utd a penalty against us. I honestly didn’t have any recollection of any penalty incident, other than the several handballs by Dundee Utd players that Beaton chose to ignore.

The only incident that is actually up for debate is Hatate’s booking, which some have said should have been a red card, mostly Sevco fans btw, every single football pundit I have heard asked on the subject have said a yellow card was the correct decision.

If you want to see some of the posts from the inmates of Shutter Island, check out the link below.

John Beaton bottled it as Celtic benefit from poor officiating once again, a weekly occurrence. |

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