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Charlie Adam Knows Nothing About Celtic Players Fitness And Injuries

Charlie Adam has taken a break from ramming his car into a tree while drink driving and decided to open his big mouth and claims to have an inside knowledge of the goings on at Celtic.

He doesn’t.

Firstly, he claims that our Japanese players will all be ‘absolutely knackered’ and ‘desperately need a break’.

They just had a 1 month break after finishing the Japanese season. Are they really all knackered already? I don’t think so.

Hate looked off the boil recently and some people felt he needed a rest, which I disagreed with, and if you watched him against Dundee Utd, he was running about like a man possessed. Definitely not looking like someone who was ‘absolutely knackered’.

And we all know Maeda is an absolute workhorse and has crazy fitness level and sprints all game.

Even more brazenly, he claimed he’d heard Kyogo was ‘out for the season’ previously and at the moment it ‘definitely looks that way’ and ‘even if he comes back, he’s not going to bee 100% fit’

First of all, who has he heard this from? Because there is certainly no one inside Celtic Park giving this moron any inside information, that’s for sure.

Ange has already said previously he would definitely not be out for the full season, but of course Adam thinks he knows more about Celtic’s injury timescales that our own manager!

And saying he won’t be 100% fit when he comes back is another stupid statement to make. How does he know this?

Does he think Ange is going to be reckless enough to bring him back when he’s only 50% fit?

Sure, there is the potential he won’t be absolutely match sharp, but isn’t that the same as every single player who’s been out injured for over a couple of weeks?

Look at what happened when he was out injured and basically came back to play the league cup final on one leg as Ange said and won us the cup with two fantastic goals. Look at the impact he made when he first came over from Japan. This is a player who doesn’t need 5-7 games to get match sharp. He’s on it straight away.

It just stinks of fear and desperation from Adam, hoping that our best players aren’t going to be up for the battle as the season end draws near.

If he genuinely believes that, he’s in for one hell of a shock.

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