You are currently viewing Video: Watch Sevco Get Softest Penalty In World Football

Video: Watch Sevco Get Softest Penalty In World Football

Bobby Madden, the ex Ibrox season ticket holder, gave his favourite team the softest penalty you will likely ever see in football.

You can see from the thumbnail image alone that Morelos actually has his hands wrapped around the Dundee player first, so in fact it should have been a free-kick to Dundee.

It was an absolutely ridiculous decision from Madden. I actually cannot believe he had the brass neck to give that.

It was that shockingly bad!

Thankfully, justice was done, and Tav blazed his penalty way over the bar.

I would not be surprised in the slightest if Madden gives them another chance from the spot. Probably for the air clipping Alfie’s heels!

Check out the disgraceful decision below.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Will Crawford Allen be making an appearance to teus that Madhun is incompetent just as bad as Don Robertson was yesterday its not even laughable now how crap Scottish referees are.

  2. Joe Agnew

    Yet another Tavpen that wasn’t, .Yesterday Robertson denied Celtic a stonewaller because it only hit one hand ! Pathetic and blatant bias now !

  3. Rich

    Ref should be sacked

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