You are currently viewing Video: Watch ‘Superstar’ Tavernier ‘Sebo’ Penalty Right Over Bar!

Video: Watch ‘Superstar’ Tavernier ‘Sebo’ Penalty Right Over Bar!

The apparent superstar and world’s best penalty taken, James Tavernier, had a bit of a blip today, as he blazed his penalty high over the bar, in Filip Sebo esque style!

You can see the video of the penalty decision on my previous post, it was absolutely not a penalty, and if anything, it should have been a free-kick to Dundee for Morelos wrapping his arms around the Dundee defender!

Check out the video here if you’ve not seen it.

Video: Watch Sevco Get Softest Penalty In World Football – Champions 67

So, thankfully justice was done on this occassion.

Although, I’m sure referee Bobby Madden will be eager to give Tav a chance to redeem himself.

Check out the embarrassing miss below!

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