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Hugh Keevins Gives Sevco Kiss Of Death With Europa League Final Prediction

The last time Hugh Keevins made a bold prediction, it was two weeks before the Glasgow derby, where he proclaimed that Sevco would go the rest of the league campaign this season undefeated.

Needless to say that prediction ended up looking rather silly just a couple of weeks later, as Celtic battered our city rivals and killed the game off within the first 45 minutes.

But that humiliation hasn’t deterred old ‘Shug’, as he has once again made a bold prediction in favour of the Ibrox club, telling supporters to book their tickets to Seville just now while they are cheap, as Sevco will be playing in the Europa League Final.

Speaking on Clyde SSB on Saturday, Keevins said:

“I spoke to a Rangers fan last night who has already bought two airline tickets for Seville in May, because they are available at £35 each right now.”

“They won’t be that price come May! And I think he’s quite justified in booking his air travel to Seville, because I think Rangers will be in the final.”

“My mantra about Rangers in Europe this season was ‘fear no one, but respect everyone’, and they have carried that message through the games against Dortmund and Red Star, and I do not think that Braga represent as big a hurdle as Dortmund or Red Star, so I think Rangers will be in the semi-final.”

“And I believe that, based on the quality of the performances, based on the goalkeeper and based on the ability to score goals, remember ten goals scored against Dortmund and Red Star, over the four matches played, I believe Rangers will be in the Europa League Final.”

So there you go. He says they will beat Braga, which I don’t disagree with, it’s a 50/50 tie and Sevco will probably be favourites, but he has just totally ignored that they will have to face either Atalanta or RB Leipzig in the semi-final which in my opinion, they will not get past.

In my view, there will be a lot of angry bears calling up Clyde SSB complaining that they took Hugh’s advice and now are £35 out of pocket!

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