You are currently viewing “Match Fixing Of The Highest Order”, “Blatant Cheating” Twitter Reaction To Shocking Madden Penalty Award

“Match Fixing Of The Highest Order”, “Blatant Cheating” Twitter Reaction To Shocking Madden Penalty Award

Celtic Twitter was on fire yesterday, and no wonder, after we witnessed yet more disgraceful refereeing from the man in black, this time it was referee Bobby Madden.

The decisions going in favour of Sevco this season are getting beyond a joke.

It hasn’t been this bad since the infamous ‘honest mistake’ season under Walter Smith, where every weekend referees were using this as their go to excuse as to why the then Rangers team were getting decisions in their favour that were totally egregious.

The thing is, these referees aren’t even being help accountable.

They can make these terrible and game changing decision and not answer to anybody for it.

Crawford Allan doesn’t give a monkey’s unless a referee dares to give a supposed controversial decision in favour of Celtic, only then does he feel the need to speak out in the media.

Celtic fans are seeing right through this, we know perfectly well what is going on this season.

Take a look at the Twitter reaction to the penalty decision below.

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  1. John mcghee

    Madden.Beaton.Dallas.Collum.Walsh.Clancy.Roberston.Muir are all dirty huns and masons bastards its now time the celtic fans done something about it a big march from paradise to hampden and let they corrupt scum fuckers know that it better change our their be a riot started infact we are at hampden soon playing sevco so lets make banners up and let they scum at the sfa.spfl know that we are fed up with there corrupt officials..

  2. Thomas Daly

    Its been going on for years,its rotten to the core,oh I forgot it’s still in the drawer CADETTE,(FARRY)SCUMBAG,ANYONE?JUST LIKE THE REST OF THEM ESTABLISHMENT SCUMBAG KNUCKLEDRAGGERS?

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