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“Celtic Are Going To Oz Because They Need The Money, Rangers Don’t!” Says Delusional Clyde SSB Caller

Do these idiots even look at their own accounts when they are published?

Or ours for that matter?

Or do they just live in fantasy land and refuse to believe reality because it is too upsetting for them?

If they want to do that and play make believe in their own heads I don’t mind, it’s when start speaking their made up fairy tales as if it were fact on things like football phone in shows and on social media, where I have a problem.

Like Sevco fan Jordan here, who phoned up Clyde SSB tonight. Firstly he was upset by a previous Celtic fan caller who said he believed that Celtic were a bigger club globally than their 10 year old rivals, saying:

“He said that Celtic were a more global club than Rangers, but who’s currently still in the quarter finals of the Europa League?”

“And what about the coverage we got when we beat Dortmund and Belgrade? I think that was much more worldwide than the last Old Firm.”

Ahh, so going a few extra rounds in Europe in one particular season now means that they are automatically a bigger club globally. I forgot that erases our entire history in the game, what’s winning the European Cup when you can beat a poor Red Star team and get to the quarter finals of the Europa?


He then went on to add:

“Maybe Celtic should put all their focus on their form into Europe, rather than this friendly at the end of the year, that’s just all I want to say.”

Why is a Sevco fan worried about where our focus is? If he has problems with his own klub partaking in this friendly tournament, then aim your anger at them, don’t worry about what we’re doing.

And to wrap it up, mad Jordan went full Sevco!

“If they focus on their form more in Europe, then they wouldn’t need to go hunting for money on the other side of the world to play a friendly.”

“We don’t need that money because we’re doing well in Europe, they’re hunting for money and I think they should focus more on sorting their disabled facilities than going to play a friendly on the other side of the world.”

I mean, how the hell he even had the temerity to chuck in the line about disabled facilities I don’t know, but it’s a strange analogy to say we are ‘hunting for money’. I mean, we were invited to partake in this tournament as Australia wanted a homecoming for Ange, and we are going to be paid very handsomely for it.

Jordan needs to remember that Sevco should be counting themselves lucky that we are taking them along for the ride as our whipping boys. They are taking less money than us, two thirds less apparently.

And despite their fans going absolutely tonto, the club are still refusing to pull out, Jordan needs to ask himself, which club really needs the money here.

I’ll give him a clue, check the recent published accounts for both teams, that will give you a clue.

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  1. mixview70

    These peepul are not right in the head. Reality and facts are a total irrelevance to them…and it’ll be a cold day in Hell when they look in the mirror and finally realise what and where they are.

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