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Are Sevco Trying To Wriggle Out Of Sydney Cup Fine?

Sevco have announced today that they are pulling out of the Sydney Super Cup.

Here is their klub statement in full:

“Rangers can confirm the Club will not be participating in the Sydney Super Cup in November 2022.”

“After it became clear the tournament organisers were unwilling to fulfil their commitments to Rangers, we have, with immediate effect, terminated the Club’s agreement with the organisers.”

First of all, they are doing this to appease their fans after the huge influx of anger and hatred that came from them when this was announced, mainly because as the smaller club, they were rightly going to be picking up less money that Celtic, and also because they were essentially going to be used as the whipping boys for Big Ange’s homecoming tour.

But reading that statement, it is clear they are trying to shift the blame onto the tournament organisers, and in my opinion, they are doing this so they can wriggle out of paying the fine, which is reportedly £3m.

The tournament isn’t until November, how the hell is it clear that they cannot fulfil their obligations?

The tournament is eight whole months away yet. Tickets are apparently almost sold out for every game the last I heard about it.

Australia is used to hosting big events, they get huge government back for events like this and big boxing matches, because it attracts a lot of tourism to the country. They will be good for the money.

Don’t me surprised if we see a statement from the organisers on this and things get messy real soon for Sevco.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Have sevco tried to renegotiate the deal trying to get more money and when told no they’ve spat the dummy and put themselves in line for another court appearance and if they got any advance payment where will they find the funds to repay it, Dougie 5 chins might need to dig deep once again.

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