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“F*ck Sake!”, “Feel Sick!” – FF Reacts To Morelos Crutches Pic

As I wrote earlier and has been widely reported that Sevco striker Alfredo Morelos was pictured various times in Glasgow airport today while walking on crutches.

He is rumoured to be travelling to London for a scan, with some even suggesting his thigh injury is actually worse that first thought, and he is actually going down there for an operation, with people going off the number of suitcases he was seen to be taking with him along with apparently going with his family.

It is a huge blow to Sevco, I know some Celtic fans don’t agree and would rather he played against us due to his poor goal scoring record in the fixture, but he still remains arguably their best player and definitely their best striker, so it can only be an advantage to Celtic if he doesn’t play.

And Sevco fans are definitely not happy at hearing the bad news today.

Apparently there was another thread on FF that turned into a sh*t show, with other posters calling the person who posted the pic of him on crutches a liar and a Celtic fan in disguise and I imagine much worse insults than that.

A new thread was put up shortly after.

Take a look at the replies below to see how the poor wee Sevco fans reacted to the bad news.

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