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Simon Jordan’s Shocking Attack On Celtic Keeper Joe Hart ‘HE’S USELESS!’

Former Crystal Palace owner and Talksport pundit Simon Jordan went on a verbal tirade against Celtic keeper Joe Hart, claiming that then Spurs coach Nuno Espirito Santo was right to bin the English keeper at the time, because ‘he’s useless!’

Speaking with Jim White and Trevor Sinclair in the studio about Nuno’s extremely blunt conversation with Hart, in which he told Hart that he ‘does not trust him to play one minute in goals for him’ and ‘would never play for him again’ Simon responded:

“It’s a constant theme. Pep Guardiola did pretty much the same thing.”

“What’s he done? Once upon a time he kept goal well.”

“Torino didn’t fancy him, West Ham didn’t fancy him, Burnley didn’t fancy him.”

“So with the best will in the world, what’s the common denominator in all of that? Joe Hart.”

When Jim White went on to say that due to the harshness of Nuno’s response to Hart, that Joe had felt he had been ‘bodied’ by him, with Jordan replaying:

“Joe’s been bodied by six clubs.”

“He’s gone out to Torino, he was useless out there. He’s gone to West Ham, wasn’t much better there.”

“He’s useless!”

Extremely harsh from Jordan, who I tend to agree with on a lot of the topics that come up on the show, he is normally one of the better pundits on there, but he is way off on this one.

Just look at what Hart is doing at Celtic. He has been a stand-out performer since he joined in the summer, both domestically and in Europe.

The difference now is he has a manager that trusts him and gives him the confidence to go out and perform week in and week out, and Celtic supporters love him.

He was brought up here to be No., whereas when he went on loan to the likes of West Ham and Burnley, it was to be a back up keeper, so he was never going to get a proper run of games to show what he can do.

Their loss is our gain!

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