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Celtic Twitter Reacts To Delusional Sevco Fan Media Prediction

You love to see it.

You’d think after the drubbing these losers received at Celtic Park that their fans, and especially their fan media, would learn to keep their big mouth’s shut.

But thankfully for our entertainment, they never do learn!

You have to wonder where they get their confidence from.

It seems to simply come off the back of their performances in Europe that they get it from.

But they have to remember, they aren’t expected to achieve anything in Europe, there is no pressure on them whatsoever to beat teams like Dortmund, so their players play with freedom and the crowd don’t get on their back.

Domestically, they are expected to win, and that has always been their downfall whenever they are challenged by a good Celtic team.

They’ve never been able to handle that pressure, and I don’t think this current group of players they have ever will.

And fan groups like Heart and Hand should be intelligent enough to understand that.

But unfortunately for them, they continue to delude themselves and get their hopes up, only for Celtic to send them crashing back down to earth with a thud.

Check out the ridiculous prediction below for today’s match and the reaction from Celtic fans after the game.

It is glorious.

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