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Scumbag Sevco Fans Attack Celtic Bar, Youngster Left Needing CPR

If it wasn’t bad enough to throw broken bottles and lighters at players and coaches on the field of play, vile Sevco yobs have taken to the streets and attacked a Celtic bar in Rutherglen.

Reports on Twitter suggest The Vogue Bar in Rutherglen was attacked by Scotland’s shame and as they came round the back and attacked anyone within close proximity of the establishment.

At first it was reported a young lad was stabbed, but later news came out that this wasn’t the case, but the young man was still left needing CPR which is equally horrific.

I am praying the young lad pulls through and is going to be ok, as with anyone else who may have been injured in this vicious attack.

Stay safe out there tonight bhoys and ghirls.

Enjoy the victory but keep your wits about you and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

There is evil amongst us.

And they are dressed in red white and blue and they have a deep hatred for all thigs Celtic, Irish and Catholic.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    The scum can’t accept a defeat from trouble inside the stadium to fighting with their own supporters and now attacking a pub and the people their it’s time police Scotland officers done their job properly and made some arrests instead of giving them police escorts when they hit the streets, too many police officers support Scotlands Shame and join in with the vile behaviour its time they were sacked as I don’t have faith in them to do their jobs properly.

  2. unrepentant fenian

    Done the same in QPC on Victoria rd not so long ago auld men n barmaid’s out the back door to Pollokshaws rd smashed Hearaghtys window then into the New Regent for a pint and a sash bash absolute cowardly vermin
    forever Celtic HH

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