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Sevco Must Play Behind Closed Doors At Ibrox For The Remainder Of The Season.

It is that simple.

What we witnessed today was sickening beyond belief.

A broken glass bottled chucked onto the pitch by brain dead Sevco fans, which if not spotted before the second half kicked off by Celtic keeper Joe Hart, could have resulted in incredibly serious injuries for not just Celtic players, but for Sevco players too.

That’s the madness of the whole thing.

These scumbags literally put their own players in serious danger by doing that.

It is extremely worrying that maniacs like that live in society, but even more so that they are allowed to attend football matches and put players on the field of play in danger.

If that wasn’t enough, we then had Jota attacked with plastic cups, coins and a lighter while attempting to take a corner.

And then to top off all the thuggery from bitter Sevco fans, they then launched more sharp objects at full time, hitting a currently unnamed Celtic backroom member on the head in which he required stitches for.

To put it plainly, Ibrox stadium while filled with Sevco fans, is not a safe environment.

Not for players, coaches or officials.

Police Scotland, Glasgow City Council and the SFA/SPFL seriously need to step up here and implement strong action.

This MUST NOT happen again.

It is absolutely imperative that a strong message is sent to these cretins.

Endanger people on the field of play then the stadium gets closed.

Simple as that.

And to be honest, this type of action should have been taken long, long ago in order to stop this rancid mob from signing racist and sectarian songs such as the Billy Boys, which was heard sung loud and clear by 50,000 Sevco fans multiple times during the match today.

So do not let anyone ever tell you it is only a ‘small minority’ of them that sing it.

That also cannot be brushed aside, but I’m sure it will be as usual.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    🐷 Scotland allow the scum to do as they please but every celtic game they have the camcorder out filming the celtic support letting the scum have free reign to do as they please, it needs to stop and celtic fc need to start defending the players and fans.

  2. Allaboutceltic

    There’s CCTV all around the stadium, so it should be easy to identify the ones who were chucking bottles and other missiles towards Hart, corner kicks and the Celtic box. Ban them and others around them that must’ve have seen them for life. Also make them play their remaining home games behind closed doors. Not allowed to have any away supporters, and throw in a massive fine. Even if there was the slightest shred of glass still on the grass, it could’ve seriously cut someone if they went in on a slide tackle, or if Kent/Roofe were diving for a penalty. Absolute scum


    1. Allaboutceltic

      Forgot to add, make sure the guilty also get a hefty jail sentence

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