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Angry McCoist Tells Sevco Fan: “Go F**k Yourself!”

If you’ve read any of my previous articles about Ally McCoist, you will know I am not a fan of the man.

In fairness, most of that dislike has come from this season, where for some reason he has ramped up his bitterness towards our club, and it seems almost every week that he is taking some sort of dig at us.

In particular, his appearances on BT Sport this season have been nothing short of disgraceful.

But in terms of his commentary for Sky Sports, I find him to be in general pretty fair and balanced.

And I felt that was the case again yesterday.

Yet as I looked on FF last night, all I was seeing with regards to McCoist was that his commentary was terrible and that he was apparently sucking up to Celtic and being too pally with fellow commentator Andy Walker.

Sevco fans have a warped mindset though, so unless Ally was constantly slating us all game or demanding fouls and cards given against Celtic left, right and centre, then he’d get called out for apparently being on our side, which of course is utterly ridiculous when the guy clearly hates us.

And it seems some of these comments were also directed to Ally’s personal Instagram account, with a Sevco fan calling out his commentary to him, which lead McCoist to quite shockingly hit back with a tirade of abuse towards his fellow Sevco fan.

Oh dear.

Not very befitting of the ‘cheeky chappy’ ‘nice guy’ image he likes to portray in the media.

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