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Bigoted Sevco Fan Demands All Protestant Team And Manager

As if 50,000 Sevco fans signing about being up to their knees in Fenian blood yesterday wasn’t bad enough, we now get this.

A Sevco fan demanding their klub go back to the ways of the old Rangers in the dark ages, and refuse to sign or play Catholic players or have a Catholic manager.

I mean, most of their best players right now are Catholic, do the people who feel this way refuse to support them or cheer when they score?

To be honest, with the level of hatred and bitterness they exude, I wouldn’t put it past them.

The bigoted tweet was ridiculed by many Celtic fans, but tellingly, I haven’t seen any Sevco fan condemning the tweet, which tells me his views are probably more widely shared amongst the Sevco klanbase.

Take a look at the disgraceful tweet below.

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  1. JTT

    Please let it happen 🙏

  2. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Thats just about as bad as a Stu Campbell on twitter with his racist tweet about the union Jack they just can’t help themselves if its not racism, sectarianism it’s child abuse when will the rancid club start condemningtheir fan base. Never

  3. Arthur Sherry

    Even the so called royalist sevco fans always refer to the flag as the union jack the ignorant arseholes have no clue .this is coming from a avid Celtic fan the flag in question is on dry land is referred to as the union flag it’s only called the union jack at sea you shower of pricks

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