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Addressing The Myth That Celtic And Ange Have Bought Success This Season

This in their latest excuse that they started to come up with a few weeks ago, and now it is rife amongst their support.

It is the claim that Celtic and Ange Postecoglou guaranteed themselves success this year because we have spent ‘£30m’.

First of all, lets take a look back at the narrative from the start of the season to before the Glasgow derby at Celtic Park where we beat them 3-0.

The narrative from them was this would be an easy season, both for Gerrard and for Gio, who was considered ‘an upgrade’ by the vast majority of their support, and also by the SMSM.

All I was reading on Twitter and on FF was that Ange was ‘a nobody’ and ‘a clueless idiot’ and ‘a one trick pony’.

In fact, I am still reading these types of things from some of them now!

Especially the other false narrative that we ‘blow out our a*ses after 60 mins’, despite the many late winners we have scored this season to totally dispel that myth.

We were also told by them that our signings were terrible.

We were signing ’10st midgets’ that wouldn’t be able to physically compete in Scottish football.

We were told by them that Joe Hart was useless, that Starfelt was a bombscare, in fact, that our entire defence was crap.

The list goes on.

Yet apparently, although we signed all these terrible players, that has ‘guaranteed us success’?

That doesn’t make sense.

Now, lets look at how much money we have actually spent this season.

The website claims we have spent £13.05m this season on incoming transfers.

Now, I believe this to be inaccurate as they only list our highest fees for players like Kyogo, Abada and Starfelt, but a lot of the ones we know only cost a couple of million pounds, like Juranovic and O’Riley, are listed as undisclosed.

I’m going to be generous and say the undisclosed feed add up to £10m. I think it is probably less than that, maybe £7-8m, but I’ll do Sevco fans the decency and strengthen their argument for them.

So let’s say we have spent £23m on bringing players in this season.

That would be a good spend for a club like Celtic, but nothing out of the ordinary, but a good spend none the less, that is, if we were building on a position of strength.

But we weren’t.

That £23m was used to sign virtually an entire new team of players.

14 players in total!

That works out at an average of just over £1.64m per player.

But apparently that has guaranteed us success this season. Mental.

And the reason we had to buy so many players? Oh yeah, it’s because we literally sold all our best players pretty much.

13 players. And this isn’t even including the likes of Moi, and Laxalt, where were first team regulars for us last season, and players like Jon-Joe Kenny, who was also a first team player in the second half of last season.

We lost our star players like Edouard, Ajer and Christie.

Not to mention our inspiration captain and leader Scott Brown.

Soccerbase has the sale value as £28.5m. And that is only the fees we received up front for these players, not including the millions of add-ons we are due to get in the Ajer deal for example.

So Ange Postecoglou has had to come in to Celtic, when we have lost probably 15-16 players, many of them our best ones, and has had to buy an entirely new team, from all over the world, get them to understand his tactics, his philosophy, cope with his intense training regime, all while dealing with the massive pressure of playing for a club like Celtic and trying to win a league title, two domestic cups, and competing in Europe.

And this is from spending far less money than he brough in, and with an average value of around £1.64m per player.

And apparently this is the only reason we have had success this season?

Against a team in Sevco that went undefeated last season, kept all their best players and also strengthened that existing team, with superstar players like Aaron Ramey and £30m Manchester Utd winger Amad Diallo.

Do me a favour.

Everything Ange Postecoglou has build at Celtic has been done the hard way.

Fair and square.

And any money we have spent, we have received more back into the club.

Meanwhile, The Sevco team is built entirely on money that they don’t have.

What do they have to show for £100 plus worth of losses in order to get to where they are now?

One single league title in 10 years.


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