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Hugh Keevins ‘European Success’ Defence Of Van Bronckhorst Is Ridiculous

‘Giovanni Van Bronckhorst is 5 games away from winning Rangers their first European trophy in 50 years’

This is Hugh Keevin’s latest line that he repeats multiple times on each show at the moment on Clyde SSB in defence of the Sevco manager potentially getting the sack.

I heard Roger Hannah say something similar and equally silly on the show last night.

Have you ever heard anything more ridiculous?

He’ll be saying Scotland are only 9 games away from winning the World Cup next.

When pulled up by host Gordon Duncan after repeating this line several times the other night, and asked if he actually thought Sevco would win the Europa League, he said no.

So why keep going on like he’s about to lift the trophy then?

The guy got Sevco to the knock out stage by scraping through their group with only 8 points.

The easiest group in the tournament no less.

To put that into perspective, Celtic finished the hardest group in the competition on 9 points and didn’t make it through.

Fair play to them, they did very well in putting out Dortmund in the next round, albeit without their star striker Erling Haaland for both games.

But people are making out that Dortmund are one of the world’s best teams.

In reality, they are a very hit and miss side, with a few excellent players, but they’ve had 3-4 goals put past them in multiple games this season.

They’re defence is shot to pieces and they rely heavily on being able to outscore the opposition, hard to do without their main striker.

They then went on to play against Red Star.

Again, not a good side, but Sevco fans would have you believe they are a Champions League quality team.

They now find themselves against the easiest quarter final team they could possibly wish to get in Braga.

Honestly, I thought given how poor Braga were against them last season, that Sevco might be able to make it through, but without Morelos, I can’t see them progressing now.

They rely too much on him, especially in Europe.

Listen, I don’t have a problem with Gio, he comes across as a decent man, I don’t think he’s a terrible manager, but I also don’t believe that he’s a great one, or even a particularly good one.

He doesn’t hold a candle to Big Ange.

The only tournaments that truly matter are domestically, and Gio is on course to be part of losing a treble to Ange Postecoglou ad Celtic.

For any manager of either Celtic or Sevco, losing a treble to your rivals should be a sackable offence.

No matter how far you get in Europe with easy draws and no pressure to win.

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