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Video: Awesome Giakoumakis Vs Jack Video Goes Viral

A couple of week before the Glasgow derby, Celtic striker Giorgos Giakoumakis upset the Ibrox hordes by speaking the honest truth.

As you know, they much prefer ‘comforting lies’ over there.

Giakoumakis’ crime was to have the sheer audacity to display faith and confidence in himself and his fellow teammates, as he said he believed that Celtic were the better team and he was confident that we would go on to with the league.

I mean, at the time he said this, we were top by three points and hadn’t long beaten Sevco 3-0 in a 45 minute romp.

What else is he expected to believe?

Was he supposed to say Sevco are better?

Apparently, the honest comments from the Greek ace were all too much for poor little Jack to handle, as he went to the media in the days before their latest derby defeat to cry about what big nasty Giakoumakis had said, labelling it ‘disrespectful’.

But the proof is is the pudding, and Celtic are now six points ahead of Jack’s Sevco team, with only six games left to play after back to back derby victories home and away for Celtic.

Take a look at clip below that people on Twitter are enjoying.

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  1. John mcghee

    Ryan jackawanker is just a prick because he’s at liebrox in front of 50.000 pricks but big GG will get him back at paradise so watch for jack kidding on he’s injured little horrible zombie who thinks he’s playing for oldco 1872 who got liquidated 2012 there CVA was refused just ask mr king who ask the taxman to refuse it shower of cheating bastards at liebrox and always will be newco is next to go.

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