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Kyogo Furuhashi Will Make Sure Celtic Don’t Take Their Eye Off The Ball

With Celtic being six points ahead of Sevco with only six games left to play, and off the back of a 2-1 victory against our rivals at Ibrox last weekend, St Johnstone visit Celtic Park this afternoon.

Of course, it shouldn’t even be competitive.

First in the league versus eleventh.

We are a far better team with far better players.

But the mind is a funny thing, and if some of our players think the league is already wrapped up, the game could end up being much more competitive than it should be.

That’s how freak results happen.

Bigger and better teams get complacent while the smaller team treats it like a cup final.

And St Johnstone need the points to try to get out of that relegation zone.

For me, there is one simple way to ensure complacency doesn’t set in. Start Kyogo.

We saw ourselves in the first part of the season and also hearing from other Celtic players, his performances were inspiring!

Constantly making great runs, bursting a gut to close down opposition defenders as soon as they got the ball, leading by example.

How the hell could our teammates take our eye off the ball and not be ready for a fight when they see Kyogo giving it his all and the crowd roaring him on in encouragement?

They simply can’t. His attitude and effort is infectious.

Today is the right time to bring Kyogo back.

Let’s set the standard for these next six games.

We don’t stop until this league is mathematically wrapped up.

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