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FF Poster Destroys Fellow Sevco Fans Myth About Celtic ‘Buying Success’

We all know they love to make excuses for their failures.

Apparently the referees are against them, Celtic get additional injury time given until we eventually score, the list goes on.

But one of them that really p*sses me off, is the lie that Celtic have ‘bought success’.

I wrote my own piece on this myth the other day, which you can read here: Addressing The Myth That Celtic And Ange Have Bought Success This Season – Champions 67

Now another thread has been posted on FF, asking if Sevco threw away the Champions League money, or if Celtic ‘bought it’.

I’ll post up a pic of the opening post and the reply below which completely shatters that lie, but the poster talks about us getting the £40m prize money for qualifying for the Champions League, that we won’t really benefit from it as it would only mean us ‘breaking even’ from the money we’ve spent on signings this season.

We are already in profit from this seasons incomings and outgoings alone.

We have spent just over £20m and received just under £30m back.

Our latest accounts also show we have net cash in the bank of £25.6m.

To say we need £40m to simply ‘break even’ is absolutely unhinged!

And the hilarious thing about this is another poster on FF has posted up the breakdown of both clubs net spend over the last 5 years, and it shows only an £800k difference from what both clubs received this season in sales, so both clubs this season have brought in more than they’ve spent, totally disproving the lie that Celtic ‘bought success’.

But, not only that, it also shows that for the three seasons before this one, Sevco actually spent around £26m MORE than what they brought in.

This includes almost £10m last season alone, while Celtic again brought more money in than what went out.

So, if they want to make that argument, then Celtic fans actually have a MUCH STRONGER argument that Sevco actually bought the league title last season.

But Maths has never been their strong point and the idiots who made this argument probably didn’t think it through that far, they just wanted an excuse and any would do.

Take a look at the posts below to see for yourself.

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