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Embarrassing BBC Sport Puff Piece Claims Tavernier Could ‘Play For Liverpool, Man City’


Just when I thought that that BBC Sport Scotland could not get any worse, could not favour Sevco any more, we get this absolute fantasy pish from Nick McPheat.

I’ll add in the link below if you want to read it for yourself.

If you don’t, it’s basically a James Tavernier love in.

It’s actually quite revolting.

It goes on and on about his stats, with comments from the likes of Kenny Miller, who laughably claims that Tav ‘is a better defender than he gets credit for.’

No Kenny, take your blue tinted glasses off for once in your punditry career, he is not a good defender.

I’ve said on here before that going forward for SPFL level he is very good, his assist numbers don’t like, but I have also always stated that he is a poor defender, Sevco fans will even tell you that.

The article also has several comments from Sam Evans, A Scottish manager who spent most of his managerial career in England.

Evans, who worked with Tav at Rotherham, claims he even encouraged Celtic to sign him.

But the most ridiculous part of the article actually comes from Evans, who states:

“The best plaudit I could give him is he could play for Liverpool if Trent Alexander-Arnold was out.”

“He could compete in the Manchester City team. He would suit both.”


I expect to read this kind of nonsense from an eejit on FF, or a loonball on Twitter.

It just shows you how far the BBC has fallen in recent times.

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  1. Nick66

    Free scoring? Aye if it’s a ‘free kick’, or a Penalty. How many open play goals? Madness is becoming the norm in Oldfirm FC land

  2. Dando

    Can’t do the basics when defending, doesn’t even cover his angles….


  3. ilkacheel

    That the same Kenny Misser that predicted the Loaf would be England manager one day.

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