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Sevco Reject Warns Ex Celt That He’ll ‘Break His Beak!’

Former Sevco loser Josh Windass was upset last night about people’s reaction to the antics from the Atletico Madrid players against Man City in the Champions League last night.

He took to Twitter to say that ‘everyone needs to relax’, and the scenes we saw last night were ‘better than them hugging in tunnels and commenting on each others insta posts.’

Ex Celtic man and current Dundee Utd player Charlie Mulgrew, seemed to agree with those sentiments.

He quoted Josh’s tweet saying that it was ‘the best thing you’ve ever said’.

Josh didn’t appear to take too kindly to this and seemed to take it as an insult, replying:

“How bout a drive up Glasgow now then an break your beak’

Mulgrew didn’t engage any further with Windass, but he did like the tweet.

I believe they are both friends from their days at Wigan together, and they both follow each other on the platform.

I do agree that football, especially in the EPL, has become far too nice now.

Where I don’t really agree that the scenes last night were good, as we don’t want to see guys headbutting and pulling hair, I think a nice in-between is best.

The Keane and Viera days basically is where I think the best balance is.

Where we had the needle, without the neddish behaviour.

Take a look at the funny interaction below.

Personally, I think Charlie would do wee Josh in about 30 seconds!

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  1. Seppington

    He might want to stop at an English tutor first, the illiterate fool…

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