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Chris Sutton Misses The Mark With Glasgow Derby Semi-Final Comments

Today in his Record Sport column, ex Celt Chris Sutton talked about the argument over whether it should be called the Glasgow derby or the Old Firm derby, and instead insisted this weekend’s Scottish Cup Semi-Final time should be named the ‘Desperation-Derby’.

He basically says that it isn’t just Sevco who will be desperate to to get through to the final, given the fact they haven’t won a cup in God knows how long, but that Celtic are equally as ‘desperate’ to win the tie as Sevco are.

The problem is, he doesn’t given any valid reason for this in his article.

He just says we could achieve something special by winning a treble this season.

Which of course it would be very special. But that doesn’t mean that we are in ‘desperation’ to go through on Sunday.

No one gave us a chance at the start of the season.

We weren’t even expected to win the League Cup. Now we already have that in the bag and we are potentially just a couple of games away from mathematically wrapping up the league title too, which again, no one gave us a chance to, with pundits like Keevins predicting we would finish 3rd this season!

Of course we want to win, as much as we do any other Scottish Cup semi-final, but to claim we are equally as ‘desperate’ as Sevco, who if they go out on Sunday will likely finish the season trophyless, I just can’t accept that term.

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