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Video: Listen As Kenny Miller Gets Tied In Knots By Celtic Fan Alec On Clyde SSB

It’s so strange to think that Kenny Miller actually played for Celtic, considering how much he seems to hate our club and how much of a diehard Sevco nut he is.

The thing about Miller is, he isn’t a bad pundit, in fact, when talking about football generally, I think he’s a good pundit.

The problem is, he sees everything through blue tinted specs.

He never, ever goes against Sevco. He seems terrified to say a bad word against them.

There is no point in asking him for predictions because he just says he fancies Sevco to win every time.

He’d probably be better off sticking to Rangers TV.

The clip below is from last night when he was talking to Celtic fan Alec, and Alec wound him up about Sevco beating 9 men against Braga.

The fact that Miller couldn’t just laugh it off or see the funny side of it was quite bizarre. He audibly got so uptight and angry and struggled to get his words out trying to come up with some sort of defence for them.

Pundits on Clyde SSB and other such platforms should try to be as impartial as possible.

Yes, you may have played for a certain club or support them or whatever, but you are being paid to give a fair opinion, you aren’t being paid by Clyde to massage Sevco’s ego and get uptight and upset as soon as a Celtic fan has a little dig.

Miller needs to lighten up and stop being so worried about upsetting Sevco fans by not being ultra staunch at every opportunity presented to him.

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  1. Seppington

    Probably worried about losing out on potential sash bash income when SSB dump him for the latest hun retiree and so won’t dare open his mouth to criticise them…

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