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Scottish Celtic Supporting Actor Receives Horrific Sectarian Abuse From Sevco Fans

The thing about Sevco fans is that even when their team wins a big game or even a league title, in the moments they should be filled with joy, happiness and pride, they are instead filled with anger, hatred and bigotry.

It must be a horrible feeling being a Sevco fan, being unbale to experience any sort of happiness when you team win.

What an absolutely miserable existence.

Is there another group of supporters in world football like this? I don’t think there is.

When your first thought after your team wins a big game is to spew venomous hatred, racism and sectarianism and wish death on people, you are clearly a very mentally unwell person.

Because this is what LA based Scottish actor Gianni Capaldi was subjected to after yesterday’s game.

How many times does it need to be said that Scotland doesn’t have a sectarian problem, it has a Rangers/Sevco problem, for the governing bodies and main stream media to actually realise this is the case?

Gianni actually highlighted a BBC documentary in his tweet, ironically made by a Sevco supporter, about racism in football, in which she refused to highlight the problem amongst her fellow fans.

In fact, and I saw this at the time, the documentary maker was actually blocking people on Twitter who highlighted anti Irish racism and sectarianism received from Sevco fans. That is truly despicable, and proves that she had no intention of examining the root of the problem, and wanted to protect the team that she supports.

Take a look at the sickening abuse Gianni has received below.

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  1. Pan

    This should be sent to the police and a complaint made officially.
    Mr Capaldi should do this also. The evidence is there, as is contact details and Twitter should be forced to intervene. They can’t ignore it and perhaps a lawyer should be involved to take them all the way.
    We are all being subjected to this filth and all because the Scottish Government, Police and authorities are too scared to confront them.

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