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Will The SPFL Reveal Which Club Voted Against VAR?

VAR will be introduced into the Scottish top flight after the World Cup in December, after it was ‘almost unanimously’ voted in by SPFL clubs from the Premiership down to League 2.

It has been revealed though, that only one club voted against the proposal out of the 42 teams who were given the chance to earlier today.

Will the SPFL reveal to us who that was and their reasons behind it?

Or is that confidential?

Or will the one club who voted against the proposal actually have the guts to come out and admit it?

I can’t see it being revealed if I’m honest.

There is a lot of speculation from Celtic fans that the one club who voted against the idea is Sevco.

I definitely understand that theory, they have received some unbelievable decisions to help them achieve success this season, so why would they want to potentially jeopardise that? That’s really the argument being laid out.

The other side of the argument though, is that Sevco have been playing in the Europa League this season with VAR, and they have actually benefited from some outrageous decisions from it, there may be more that I’ve forgotten, but Ryan Kent’s dive against Red Star was looked at by VAR and still deemed a penalty.

And then against Braga at Ibrox there, Kemar Roofe fell over in the box under no contact and even after checking VAR, the referee still decided to give the penalty to Sevco and send off the Braga defender.

Sevco will likely be confident that even with VAR in play in Scotland, that they will still get these types of decisions going in their favour.

Another rumour I heard today was that it was a League 1 club that voted against it, but the name of the club wasn’t know.

It will be interesting to see in the coming days, whether the opposing club will be revealed.

Watch this space.

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