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Hilarious Video Mocks The Death Of Rangers

When it’s been a quiet few days for Celtic, and you’re sick of zombies boasting about last Sunday, it’s always good to remember that they watched their club die and did absolutely nothing to save it, so now have to support a new club and pretend it’s the one that no longer exists.

Rangers football club was put into administration in 2012 afters years of tax evasion and financial doping in order to buy their way to success over city rivals Celtic finally caught up with them.

A new club was then founded in the same year called Sevco Scotland, which then changed it’s name to The Rangers Football Club, in order to fool fans and media that it was the same club.

However, as a new club, they had to start up playing in the third division of Scotland and were of course not able to compete in Europe, despite thinking they could fool UEFA and the SPL by going straight into the top flight and into European football the following season, but of course this didn’t work for the blatantly obvious fact that it was a new club.

Check out the hilarious video below.

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