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Lennon Needs To Remember That Ex-Teammates Backed Him Far Longer Than They Should Have

The more Neil Lennon cries to the media about being treated poorly by fans and media in his final, disastrous season at Celtic, the more fans turn against him.

And rightly so.

How many times is this guy going to harp on about the perceived injustices he apparently faced last season?

Celtic fans have moved on Neil, it’s time you did too.

But what really bugged me from his comments today is that he said he still remains unhappy with ‘ex-teammates’ who ‘didn’t stab him in the back’, but ‘stabbed him in the front’.

Of course we can pretty safely assume that he is referring to his ex-teammates in the media, Chris Sutton and John Hartson.

The thing about Lennon saying this, is that I distinctively remember how angry I was at the pair, as they continued to support Lennon and continued to insist he was the right man for the job and demand that he should be given more time to turn things around.

They got loads of stick from Celtic supporters about ‘sticking up for their mate’ and that stick was justified, because Lennon was driving the club into the ground.

It was only in the final moments of Lennon’s tenure at Celtic, that Sutton and Hartson finally put their friendship with Lennon aside and admit that the club needed a change of manager.

If anything, Lennon should be thankful that they publicly backed him for as long as they did, because they did so far longer than they should have done.

Ultimately, they put the club before the manager, although it took them long enough for them to do this, this is what any decent person who loves the club should do.

But Lennon is not a decent man who loves the club.

He put his own selfish needs and wants ahead of what was right for the club, even after previously admitting he would walk away if he had to, he went back on his word and continued to harm the club that he claims to love.

And that is why many Celtic supporters will not forgive him.

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