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No Serious Football Fan Thinks Sevco Winning In Seville Would Eclipse Celtic’s Lisbon Lions

Some Sevco fans are now peddling this quite frankly embarrassing rhetoric that if Sevco win the Europa League this season, that it would eclipse the magnificent achievement of Celtic winning the European Cup in 1967 and becoming the first ever British team to do so.

I have seen this spoken about on Twitter and a Sevco fan also phoned up Clyde SSB tonight and said the exact same thing, which the panel tactically avoided discussing.

In fairness, I have seen a few of their fans that are still living on planet earth, some of their older ones, that say that’s nonsense, and it simply couldn’t compare to what we achieved.

And they would be right.

Firstly, how the hell can winning Europe’s secondary competition beat winning Europe’s elite competition?

The narrative is that the gulf in finances between the teams that Sevco have played this season would make it a bigger achievement.

Yet, so far, Sevco have actually had a bigger budget and players on higher wages than most of the teams they have played in the competition this season.

The only teams with bigger budgets they have played are Dortmund and Lyon, and they didn’t beat Lyon.

Sevco fans just need to accept that they will never, ever achieve what Celtic have achieved.

Their old club died trying to match what we did. That should have put an end to their fantasies.

No Scottish team will ever win the European Cup, being the first team in Britain to do so, with all 15 players in the squad Scots who were born within 30 miles of Celtic Park, with, 13 of them born within 10 miles of the stadium and one 11 miles away.

As TV host Bradley Walsh said recently of the achievement, “it is the most famous ever, ever, ever European Cup win”

Sevco fans can shout all they want about what an achievement it would be, and of course, it would be a fantastic achievement, without a doubt, but it won’t come close to 67.

And that’s how every other football fan will see it, so they can claim all they like, it won’t mean it’s true.

And to be honest, I don’t think they’ll get past RB Leipzig in the semis anyway…

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