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See Moment Of Class As EPL Game Halted For Ex Celtic Player

There was a moment of class tonight in the English Premier League game tonight between Burnley and Southampton.

Ex Celtic loanee Mohamed Elyounoussi and his teammate Yan Valery are both Muslim players who are currently taking part in Ramadan, which includes fasting and no food or water for 15-17 hours.

This would be a challenge for anyone, but to go out and play football at the highest level without having any food or fluids for a long time must be extremely difficult.

The match was stopped by the referee in order to allow both players to break their fast in what was a real touch of class and show of respect to both players and their religion.

I have read the game was stopped just a few minutes before half time, but from what I have read the fast is supposed to be broken ‘with haste’ so this is why they did not wait until half time, as some people had suggested they do.

Check out classy image below, there is yet to be any video of the incident uploaded from what I can find, likely due to copyright from the EPL as a lot of videos get taken down rather quickly.

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