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Worrying Stat Proves Celtic’s Trip To Dingwall Won’t Be Easy

I said after the post split fixtures were revealed that the game that I was most worried about was away to Ross County.

That wasn’t a dig at any of the other teams, including Sevco, but more so respect for Ross County and how well they have done this season, coupled with the tough game we already played at Dingwall earlier in the season.

I was shot down by some on Twitter, with the reason that we are in great form, after just destroying St Johnstone 7-0 at home, and that we shouldn’t worry about any team.

Well that’s all well and good, but you can’t seriously take a performance in one game and then assume that every single game after the fact is going to pan out that way, it’s just ridiculous, and the kind of nonsense that we slate Keevins for coming out with, when he predicted Sevco to go undefeated in the league based on their results in the last 70 games or so. That’s just not how football works.

Of course on paper, Celtic have the better players and we are top of the league by 6 points, which shows we are the best team in the country but every game is different, and the Scottish Cup semi-final proved that.

It’s a reminder that we still need to turn up and be at 100%, because if they aren’t, then we’ll get beat, it’s as simple as that.

I saw a tweet earlier today that only enhanced that tough task I believe we’ll have on Sunday, that Ross County have been unbeaten at home in the league since since our game against them in December.

It just shows how well they have done this season, and of course they have also taken points off Sevco twice in two home attempts this season.

Celtic should have enough to win on Sunday, and I would hope and expect a reaction from last weekend, but we need to be bang at it if we want to come away with all 3 points.

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