You are currently viewing “Nae Luck Nhick”, “Disgrace Of A Performance” – Sevco Moon Howlers Yell Conspiracy Yet Again

“Nae Luck Nhick”, “Disgrace Of A Performance” – Sevco Moon Howlers Yell Conspiracy Yet Again

It was only last night that I wrote about the moon howlers over on FF that are insisting referee Kevin Clancy has been assigned to Celtic’s game against Ross County on Sunday to guarantee us the victory, even though we have only been victorious in one of the four league matches he has officiated for us this season!

But today, it was the turn of Nick Walsh to get it in the neck, who is apparently also against Sevco, yet he teaches their youth players as a PE teacher in his school by all accounts.

Why can’t these morons just accept that their player deserved a red card?

They were also given a penalty by Walsh, yet they still cry that he is against them?

They are a seriously, seriously, ill bunch of peepul.

I’m not a fan of Nick Walsh, but I thought he had a good game today and got all the big decisions right.

Despite Sally greeting on commentary and getting the conspiracy theory going, it was never a sending off for the Motherwell player.

Balogun went over the ball, studs up and with excessive force, it was a red all day long.

The challenge from the Motherwell player was absolutely worthy of a booking, but certainly not a red.

His trailing leg is the one that caught the Sevco player, it wasn’t over the ball and he wasn’t showing his studs and he did go for the ball, unlike Balogun who tried to snap the lad’s leg.

And I can even admit that Walsh was right to give them the penalty, it was a clear foul and he didn’t win the ball, so it was a spot kick all day long.

Sevco fans just love being the victim, even when they win and get a penalty, the ref is still against them.

Sheer delusion.

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