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Relief As Celtic See Off County, Clancy And Friends To Return The Gap To Six Points

That headline may sound a little tongue in cheek, but I am 100% serious.

That performance today from Kevin Clancy and his linesmen was atrocious.

It was incompetent.

Right at the start of the game, Ross County player Ross Callachan could, or perhaps should have been sent off for a terrible tackle on Celtic captain Callum McGregor.

I will have to see it again before I can say for certain that it was definitely a red card, because of course Sky Sports refused to show it again at HT, so I only saw it once, and to me it looked like a red, and if it wasn’t then it was at very least a yellow.

But according to Clancy, unbelievably, it wasn’t even deemed a foul!

As I said at the time on Twitter, Clancy letting Callachan away with that Scott free, then allows him to fly into another reckless challenge on Anthony Ralston almost straight after, which left the Celtic player crumpled in a heap on the pitch.

If Clancy applies the rules in the first incident and at least books Callachan, the second dangerous tackle doesn’t happen.

Later in the first half, we see Kyogo receive a through ball and put the ball in the back of the net to make in 2-0, only for the linesman to disallow it for offside, despite the replay showing Kyogo being half a yard onside due to the County player sticking his leg back and playing him on.

Then in the 2nd half, as we are still desperately chasing a 2nd goal, Celtic swing in a corner and the County player clearly handballs it, the crowd all screamed for a penalty, but neither Clancy or his linesman, for whatever reason, refused to give it.

Even previous to that Maeda received the ball in a dangerous position with Jota in the box waiting for the cross and that was also given offside, despite the replay once again showing that Maeda was clearly onside.

It was getting to the stage where I was fearing the worst, with all these decisions going against us and County attacking more and more and getting several corners, I had a horrible feeling they were going to snatch an equaliser and we were going to drop points because of these incompetent officials.

So thank God for Joao Pedro Neves Filipe ‘Jota’ for scoring that hugely important 2nd goal to secure all three points.

I said before the game that he needed a goal today to get the fans back onside and he delivered, not only with the goal, but an assist for the opener and an all round excellent performance.

The overwhelming emotion after that game today is relief.

Relief that we are another three points closer to doing the unthinkable for many at the start of this season, and reclaiming our league title.

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