You are currently viewing Video: Watch As Kyogo’s Goal Is Wrongly Ruled Out For Offside

Video: Watch As Kyogo’s Goal Is Wrongly Ruled Out For Offside

The talk from the loonies over on Follow Follow before this match was that referee Kevin Clancy and pals were going to see that they did everything in their power to help Celtic win today.

As I pointed out before this game, that was absolute paranoid rubbish, as usual from them, as previous to this game we have only won one single league match out of four this season when Clancy has been in charge, including a defeat to Sevco.

That doesn’t suit their agenda, so they don’t mention that, they just prefer to make up lies and conspiracies.

If they needed any more evidence, they only had to watch that game today, as every big decision went against Celtic, from being denied a penalty for a clear handball, to Kyogo’s perfectly good goal being chopped off for offside.

I wasn’t surprised to read the match thread on FF after this match (17 pages long btw, and they call us obsessed!), that there was absolutely no mention of these decisions going against us, because of course that doesn’t suit their deranged agenda, they would much rather believe that the referees are helping us, even when it is literally the complete opposite, like we witnessed today.

It helps them sleep at night to believe they have been cheated, rather than admit that Celtic are far better than Sevco.

Take a look at the disgraceful decision below.

I wonder how up in arms the media will be about this decision?

I won’t hold my breathe.

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