You are currently viewing “Andy’s Gone!” – Listen As Sevco Fan Hangs Up After Being Lit Up By Clyde SSB Panel

“Andy’s Gone!” – Listen As Sevco Fan Hangs Up After Being Lit Up By Clyde SSB Panel

Sevco fanatic Andy Lacey had a bit of a mare on Clyde SSB tonight, as his bitterness and upset at Celtic being on the verge of winning the league title shone through.

As you will hear, it ends in Andy hanging up as he is told some home truths by Andy Halliday and Hugh Keevins.

You see, that’s a Sevco fan’s kryptonite, the truth.

They simply can’t handle it.

They would much rather live in a fantasy land and pretend that Celtic are terrible, rather than admit that we are a totally new team with a new manager in our first season, yet still better than this Sevco team who were undefeated champions last season.

I mean, first of all, to say that Sevco were the better team at Celtic Park is laughable. Does he want Sevco to get a trophy for that?

The game was done and Celtic took their foot off the gas, and yet Sevco still couldn’t put a dent in us.

Then he claims that Sevco ‘”played Celtic off the park for 120 mins” in the semi-final, which of course is another ludicrous statement.

The first half was totally even, Celtic started the 2nd half better and of course took the lead and should have had a 2nd, Sevco then came on stronger after that and were admittedly the better team in extra time. But why do they have to lie and exaggerate?

The fact that he started his point by saying that it was a Celtic fan on Twitter who stated that this is the worst Celtic team to win the league title with a challenge is a joke as well, unless it was one just saying it to wind them up, but the only people I am seeing say this is Sevco fans.

And he also comes out with another delusional statement that Celtic aren’t going to win the league, it has been Sevco that have thrown it away.

Well Andy, the last time I checked the league table, Celtic were 6 points ahead, and Celtic have won the last two Glasgow derby games, giving us a total of 6 points from these last two fixture, so to try and make out that Sevco threw away the league, when Celtic have beaten your team head to head on the last two occasions, is rather foolish.

And that is coupled with the fact that we have won 24 out of our last 28 games and drawn the other 4, we have scored the most goals and conceded the least.

If and when Celtic win this league, it will be because we have been consistently the better team over the course of the season.

Check out Andy’s call below.

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