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Calls For Ryan Kent To Be In PFA Team Of The Year Are Embarrassing

PFA Scotland released it’s team of the year yesterday which was of course dominated by players from the best team in the country, Celtic, and also included two Sevco players, one Hearts player and one Ross County player.

On the wing was of course Jota, who has had a terrific first season at the club while on loan from Benfica.

He has scored 8 goals and has 9 assists and on top of these great stats, he is marvellous to watch as he skilfully dribbles past players with step-overs and nutmegs galore.

On the other flank is Ross County man Regan Charles-Cook, who has also had a fantastic goal return this season, with 13 goals in the league, albeit with only 2 assists, but he’s been by far County’s best player this season and with these goal scoring stats, it’s hard to argue against his place in the team as he has helped Ross County get up to 5th place in the league after securing a top 6 spot.

So I was shocked to hear last night while listening to Clyde SSB as one Sevco fan after the other came on to complain about Ryan Kent not being selected in the team of the year.

I was actually shocked to hear this and it seemed the panel were too, as Gordon Dalziel strongly disagreed and quite rightly stated that Ryan Kent has actually had a poor season for Sevco.

One of the ridiculous arguments from a caller was that Kent takes players on with more skill than Jota does, which is totally insane and is clearly from someone who only ever watches Jota play in Glasgow derby games, because he is clearly an extremely skilful player, who constantly goes by players using a variety of tricks and flicks.

Another argument is that he’s played very well in Europe this season. So what?

These awards are for domestic leagues, they don’t take into account European football, so that argument is totally redundant.

If anyone has been unlucky to miss out from the wide areas this season, it’s Celtic’s Liel Abada.

He only just turned 20 recently and in his first season at the club, he has scored 10 league goals with 6 assists, with some hugely important goals too, like the third against Sevco to end the tie and the late winner against Dundee Utd.

Meanwhile, although Kent has one more assist in the league with 7, he has only scored two goals in the league this season, which is an extremely poor return.

The fact Sevco fans genuinely feel hard done by that Kent isn’t in the team of the year, given that he’s had such a poor season domestically, is baffling and it is embarrassing, and quite frankly, reeks of jealousy, because the team is dominated by Celtic players, and they can’t handle that.

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  1. Pan

    It’s not really baffling if you remember that these Sevco fans have no grasp of reality, know very little about real football and have totally biased and bigoted minds.

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