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Pray For The Beautiful City Of Seville

The people of Seville, I’m sorry, but your beautiful city is soon going to be destroyed.

Win or lose for Sevco, it doesn’t matter.

We saw what happened in Manchester when they lost. They destroyed the city.

We saw what happened when they won the league last season, they attacked each other, they attacked the police and the destroyed George Square.

These peepul don’t feel joy, they only been permanent rage and a huge sense of entitlement.

Their mindset is simple, they see something nice, they destroy it.

If the wonderful people of Seville think it’s going to be a beautiful atmosphere and a sea of colour and joy like when the Celtic fans visited in 2003, they are in for a horrible surprise.

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  1. Pedro

    It’s really sad they have made it to this final, who says cheats don’t prosper?

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