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Celtic Manager Gives Summer Transfer Insight That Will Excite Supporters

Celtic manger Ange Postecoglou was asked today in his press conference ahead of the massive game against Hearts tomorrow about his plans for strengthening in the summer transfer window, ahead of our Champions League run next season.

One of the reporters asked what this current Celtic squad needs to get to that next level.

And Ange’s answer was definitely pleasing to hear:

“There’s a number of areas where, I think, this year, particularly the early part of the year, we probably didn’t have the depth in quality in certain positions to be able to carry the workload of having a 60 game season.”

“We’re still sort of in the stages of really developing our players and developing our game style, and for me, there’s still areas, without specifying on positions, there’s still areas I think we can have some more quality, both in terms of our depth, but also, in terms of the levels of performances we’ve put in.”

“There won’t be the amount of activity that we had last year, but the activity we have this year will be significant, in that, I think we’re going to bring in players that will hopefully improve us immediately, rather than bring players in to just add to the squad.”

For me, and I’m sure every other Celtic fan out there, this is great to hear.

Considering pretty much all of Ange’s signings have improved the squad and the starting XI compared to last season, if he plans to bring in players that are even better than the ones he brought in last season, they we can expect to see some real quality coming in to the team.

And by that, I mean players that will come in and immediately improve the starting XI, as I believe that is what Ange was meaning also.

It will be very interesting to see what positions Ange is looking to strengthen in and what players he will be after.

It seems we definitely need more quality at left back and centre back going into the Champions League next season, but where else do you feel we need to strengthen?

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