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Cheap Sevco Leave ‘Scam Company’ Sponsor On New Shirts On Sale To Fans

I did mention this was a possibility I could see happening.

Rather than pay the money to have new strips made, Sevco have decided to go ahead and sell the pre-made shirts with the logo of now defunct NTF company, Sportemongo, reported to be a ‘scam company’, emblazed on the back.

I said in my original article about the company disappearing, that Castore wouldn’t be responsible or paying the costs to make new shirts as it wasn’t their problem, they were a Sevco sponsor which they agreed to display on their shirts, so if they wanted new shirts made without the logo, then Sevco themselves would have to cover the costs.

A statement from the club confirmed they would offer supporters who bought the shirt a ‘free cover-up’ when a new sponsorship is secured.

And how are they going to do that?

The new logo would have to be absurdly big in order to cover up the previous one, which is fairly big itself.

And there is no guarantee that they would even be able to obtain a new shirt sponsor.

It is all just another embarrassment for Sevco.

But this is a fan base the proudly wear fake strips from Turkey as if they were the real deal, they have no shame so the fans probably don’t even care that their team’s shirt that they are wearing is sponsored by a ‘scam company’.

One word.


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  1. Seppington

    Of course they won’t care, they support a scam club sfter all….

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